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Maintaining a normal, healthy immune system lowers the incidence and/or the severity of symptoms and/or the duration of common cold. If you’re looking to boost your immune system and overall health, Ceelin Plus, a supplement that combines vitamin C and zinc, can help you achieve the results you want!

Vitamin C and zinc play important roles in nutrition, immune defense, and maintenance of overall health.

Vitamin C is a cofactor for numerous enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of carnitine, neurotransmitters, and collagen. It is a highly effective antioxidant that protects carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins from damage by free radicals generated during normal metabolism, as well as through exposure to pollutants and toxins.

Vitamin C deficiency can result in fatigue, poor concentration and a lack of well-being. Severe vitamin C deficiency can result in scurvy.

Zinc is a component of over 1000 transcription factors, including DNA-binding proteins with zinc fingers. It is also necessary in over 300 metalloenzymes.

Further, zinc plays a key role in cellular differentiation and proliferation, and its deficiency causes skin changes, growth retardation, impaired immune response, increased susceptibility to infections, and delayed wound healing.

Among the micronutrients required to ensure proper immune health and function, vitamin C and zinc hold central positions through their complementary roles in supporting components of both adaptive and innate immunity, such as cellular proliferation and antibody production.

Deficiencies of vitamin C and zinc can severely weaken immune responses. Vitamin C deficiency results in decreased resistance to disease; on the other hand, zinc deficiency can have significant effects on virtually all components of the immune system, increasing susceptibility to a number of viral, parasitic. and bacterial challenges.

Overall, there is a sound scientific rationale for taking supplement like Ceelin Plus (which contains a combination of vitamin C and zinc) to support immune function, in order to improve the body’s defense system.

Ceelin Plus Description

Ceelin Plus provides children double protection against sickness with the powerful combination of Vitamin C and Zinc. It is the only brand made with ZincPlus® Technology that guarantees the stable combination of these 2 ingredients so that kids get the full dose they need.

Ceelin Plus Benefits

Ceelin Plus can boost your child’s immunity so that they are protected from sickness.

The body needs its daily requirement of Vitamin C and Zinc, and since the body does not produce these vitamins, it is important that kids get this from their diet. However, the reality is that kids don’t usually eat enough of foods rich in Vitamin C and Zinc, which is why supplementation is necessary for their continued good health.

Here are some of the benefits of vitamin C and zinc supplementation:

  • Health benefits of vitamin C
  • It can reduce the risk of developing further complications from colds and flu. Vitamin C is NOT a cure for the common cold. However, studies show that it may help prevent more serious complications. There’s evidence to suggest that taking vitamin C for colds and flu can reduce the risk of developing further complications, such as pneumonia.
  • It supports a healthy immune system. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble vitamin well-known for its role in supporting a healthy immune system. Research shows vitamin C is crucial for the growth and repair of tissue throughout the body. It also helps heal wounds and repair and maintain healthy bones, teeth, skin and cartilage.

    As an antioxidant, vitamin C fights free radicals in the body which may help delay or prevent heart disease and certain cancers, and promote healthy aging.
  • Health benefits of zinc:
  • May improve immune function. Many over-the-counter medications and supplements (such as Ceelin Plus) contain zinc due to its ability to fight inflammation and boost immune function. Zinc may also act as an antioxidant, helping reduce inflammation and protecting against chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • Helps fight acne. Zinc supplements are often used to promote skin health and to treat common skin conditions like acne.

Ceelin Plus Features and Ingredients

ceelin plus

Ceelin Plus contains vitamin C and zinc.


Each 5 mL (1 teaspoonful) syrup contains:
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)100 mg
Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate (equivalent to 10 mg elemental zinc)27.44 mg
Each mL syrup (oral drops) contains:
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)40 mg
Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate (equivalent to 5 mg elemental Zinc)13.72 mg

Ceelin Plus comes in different variants and flavors:

Ceelin® Plus DropsApple
Ceelin® Plus SyrupApple
Ceelin® Plus ChewablesOrange

Ceelin Plus How to Use

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions when it comes to Ceelin Plus dosage and use:

How much and how often should you use this medicine?

Please refer to the table below for dosage instructions:

Age GroupVitamin C + Zinc (Ceelin® Plus)
100 mg/10 mg per 5 mL Syrup Orally, once a day
1-3 years2.5 mL (1/2 teaspoonful)
4-8 years5 mL (1 teaspoonful)
9-13 years5-10 mL (1 to 2 teaspoonsful)
 Or, as directed by a doctor
Age GroupVitamin C + Zinc (Ceelin® Plus)
40 mg/5 mg per mL Syrup (Oral Drops) Orally, once a day
Birth to < 6 months0.5 mL
6-11 months0.5 to 1 mL
1-2 years1 mL
 Or, as directed by a doctor

What are the different kinds of Ceelin Plus and what’s best for my child?

The best variant for your child may depend on their age. Please refer to the table below:

0-1 yoCeelin® DropsCeelin® Plus Drops
2-6 yoCeelin® SyrupCeelin® Plus Syrup
7 yo and upCeelin® ChewablesCeelin® Plus Chewables

When is the best time to give my child Ceelin Plus?

This can depend on your daily routine with your child. However, it is recommended that you give Ceelin Plus after meals. You may choose to give it after breakfast before your child starts the day.

Can a child overdose on Ceelin Plus?

If taken at recommended levels, there’s no risk for overdose.

Can Ceelin Plus be mixed with juices or other liquids for intake of babies / kids?

Yes, you may mix Ceelin Plus with juices or other liquids such as milk.

Can Ceelin Plus be taken alongside other vitamins or food supplements?

It is generally safe to take Ceelin Plus alongside other supplements. However, please consult your pediatrician to get the best advice for your child.

Ceelin Plus User Reviews

Discover what people are saying about Ceelin Plus:

“My son love this vitamins among others it tasted good. Great buy.” – Miguel C.

“My eldest, who suffers the most when a mere common cough virus attacks drinks Ceelin Plus and we have seen improvements overtime. He no longer skips school and more active than ever. My little one is more resilient and doesn’t get bothered by these common viruses.” – ProudMomma

“From babies up to now, Ceelin babies mga chikiting ko. That’s why they’re very healthy,very swet and very active.” – Auitz Leonador Juan

“Since birth anak ko start 4months old until now 4yrs old na still ceelin padin best talaga” – Dy Jyn

“Thanks Ceelin. Trusted ka talaga noon sa mga anak hangga ngayon sa apo naman.” – Candy Saputil

“Ceelin Plus lang talaga ang binibgay ko sa dalawang malit ko kaya di sila sakitin six ang anak ko pero yung iba medyo malaki pero Ceelin Plus din ang vitamins nila. Noon hanggang ngayon I love Ceelin talaga.” – Sheryl Caballero

“Yes Ceelin Plus ang vitanins ng anak ko. Kapag may simpleng ubo or sipon 2x a day ang pag inom ng Ceelin, ayon nawawala agad. Dahil siguro sa Zinc na content ng Ceelin.” – Shee Na

“My daughter since birth take this until now 11 yrs..na… thank you Ceelin.” – Jingjing Conahap

“Ceelin Chewable Plus ang ginagamit ng mga anak ko ang ganda parang tumataba sila. Gumagana rin ang kanilang kain..love it” – Teresa Montalvo

“Ceelin plus din ang vitamins ng baby ko 4 years na sya umiinum nyan at sa ceeling plus din sya tumaba.” – Edhen Martija

“Ceelin plus is the best simula pa maliit silang 3 hanggang ngayon 7yrs old n Ang panganay ko ceelin plus parin ang vitamins nla. Thank you so much Ceelin Plus..” – Joy Murata

“I’m proud 8years user of Ceelin Plus Zinc.. Simula ng ito ang ginamit kong Vitamins ng mga anak ko. Hndi na sila sakitin at lalo na sa panahon ngaun sobrang effective pampalakas ng Immune System.. I highly recommend.. Ceelin Plus Zinc..” – Sheryl Velasquez

“Maganda talaga ang Ceelin Plus nag papalakas kinain sa anak ko at nakikita ko ang resulta.” – Summer Silos

Ceelin Plus Price

Here are the different available SKUs of Ceelin Plus and its corresponding SRP. Note that actual retail price may vary per drugstore.

CEELIN® PLUS Drops 15 mLPHP 87.34
CEELIN® PLUS Drops 30 mLPHP 135.66
CEELIN® PLUS Syrup 60 mLPHP 79.12
CEELIN® PLUS Syrup 120 mLPHP 141.80
CEELIN® PLUS Syrup 250 mLPHP 251.87
CEELIN® PLUS Chewables (per piece)PHP 5.48
CEELIN® PLUS Chewables 10 TabsPHP 54.83

Where to Buy Ceelin Plus

Ceelin® Plus is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. If it is not available in your neighborhood drugstore, you can always order Ceelin Plus online thru Shopee, and have these delivered directly to your home.

Simply click these links to go direct to Ceelin Plus Product Order Page.

CEELIN PLUS Ascorbic Acid + Zinc Syrup for Kids

CEELIN PLUS Chewables for Kids Ascorbic Acid + Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc, 30 tablets

Ascorbic Acid + Zinc (Ceelin Plus) Chewables 10’s



ceelin plus

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