The Best Brain Vitamins for Brain Health


Maintaining brain health is crucial for optimal cognitive function, healthy aging, and quality of life.

Cognitive impairment, which can affect individuals at any age, results in difficulty with processes such as judgment, memory, and language, affecting day-to-day life.

While some causes of cognitive decline such as brain injury may be out of your control, there are other factors that cause cognitive issues that you can address through dietary and lifestyle changes, such as vitamin supplements for brain health. 

The Best Vitamins for the Brain

Who doesn’t want a healthier brain – one that’s focused and quick? Fortunately, there are plenty of paths to brain health. A healthy diet is one – fresh fruits and vegetables, natural proteins, and whole grains – while regular exercise and social outings are some others. 

But, what if you’re looking for a little boost? Are there supplements and vitamins for brain health? Short answer: Yes. 

Supplements provide a wide variety of nutrients, including vitamins, probiotics, herbs, and minerals. In other words, they are specially formulated to fill in what your diet might be missing.

Your brain relies on essential nutrients to support normal cognitive function and brain health. Consuming these nutrients in your diet or as vitamin supplements may help maintain cognitive function and prevent conditions like dementia.  

Below, we list down some popular ingredients typically found in brain health supplements.

  • Acetyl-L-carnitine. Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) is considered a therapeutic agent that is believed to have benefits for dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and traumatic brain injury. It is believed to be both neuro-protective and cardio-protective, by reducing oxidative stress on both the heart and the brain. 
  • Creatine. Creatine is naturally occurring in dairy, seafood, and meat products. Popular for increasing energy levels among athletes, it has also been shown to enhance cognitive function in people who don’t consume those foods. Research has shown that it is effective for increasing short-term memory and reasoning in healthy individuals[1]. 
  • DHA. DHA, a group of omega-3 fatty acids, is crucial for healthy brain function. It boosts cognitive functions and supports overall brain health. It’s found naturally in some foods, including salmon, tuna, mussels, mackerel, flax seeds, and chia seeds. It can also be found in fortified foods, beverages, and supplements. 
  • Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo biloba is a known antioxidant that increases blood flow to the brain. Several studies show that it can help with memory problems for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease[2]. 
  • Vitamin E. Natural Vitamin E, also known as D-Alpha Tocopherol, is an important nutrient for brain health due to its powerful antioxidant properties. It’s a potent antioxidant so it protects brain cells against the damaging effects of free radicals, which are produced when the body breaks down food or is exposed to UV radiation or tobacco smoke. Vitamin E is crucial for many bodily functions and processes, including eyesight, blood chemistry, reproductive health, and brain health. 
  • B Vitamins. The 8 B Vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins that are involved in numerous cellular functions throughout the body. As a group, they contribute to brain health by supporting reactions involved in energy production, DNA synthesis and repair, and production of multiple signaling chemicals and molecules used by the nervous system[3]. One study involving individuals over 40 without dementia found that taking B vitamins, including B6, B9, and B12 for at least 3 months improved episodic memory and global cognition[4]. Furthermore, research suggests that for people deficient in one or more of the B vitamins, supplementing with a B-complex supplement may be more beneficial for brain health than using isolated vitamin supplements[5]
  • Bacopa Monnieri. Bacopa monnieri has been shown to improve higher order cognitive processes, which involve turning new information into memories and stored learning. Research also suggests that Bacopa may slow the rate of forgetting new knowledge.

Vitamins for the Brain Philippines

There are numerous brain health supplements and vitamins out in the Philippine market today. We have listed some of them below: 

1. Focus Factor

Unlike other brain health supplements, Focus Factor is a patented formulate that has been clinically tested in a placebo-controlled, double-blinded study. Its patented formula contains biologically-active neuronutrients chosen specifically for their ability to help nourish the brain and support memory. 

A clinical study[6] showed that adults who took the original Focus Factor as directed for 6 weeks showed improvements in concentration, focus, and memory. A 44% increase in memory recall from 4.5 to 6.5 words – was experienced after only 6 weeks of using Focus Factor. 

2. Nature’s Kind VitalMind Brain Booster 

Achieve a clear, focused mind with Nature’s Kind VitalMind Brain Booster. Support a smarter, more efficient, and sharper brain by battling signs of aging, reducing stress, improving stamina, and increasing memory. Enjoy quick mental clarity and proficiency with just 2 capsules a day! By harnessing the power of natural remedies, Nature’s Kind VitalMind Brain Booster avoids the use of chemicals for a safer formula. 

Nature’s Kind VitalMind Brain Booster is packed with 100% natural brain-boosting herbs like moringa olifeira, gotu kola, and eurycona longifolia that supports concentration and focus. The optimal formulation of nootropic herbs support healthy brain activity, giving the brain the boost it needs to work smarter, sharper, and more efficiently than ever before. 

3. Genius Consciousness Nootropic Brain Booster

Genius Consciousness Nootropic Brain Booster is a combination of premium all-natural, brain enhancing ingredients brought together in an all-in-one, great tasting daily drink for high performance thinking. Formulated with trademarked and researched ingredients such as Alpha Size®, Dynamine®, NeuroFactor®, SerinAid®, and Lions Mane to help provide mental capacity support in all significant areas of measures in key brain functions, including concentration, recall, learning, focus, mood, and memory. 

The potent combination of Alpha Size®, Dynamine®, NeuroFactor®, and Natural Caffeine active neurons to work faster and more efficiently, resulting in greater working memory, learning, and focus. Furthermore, NeuroFactor® and Lion’s Mane stimulate brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and nerve growth factor (NGF) to support the creation of new brain cells. Genius Consciousness Nootropic Brain Booster protects and preserves cognitive function with a hand-picked selection of nootropics that decrease neuronal excitotoxicity and excitability, combats inflammation, and reduces stress. 

4. Zhou Neuro Peak Brain Support Supplement

Zhou Neuro Peak Brain Support Supplement is your tool for mental clarity, focus, memory, and peak performance! Neuro Peak Brain Support Supplement is a nootropic, meaning it’s specially formulated to help support cognition and memory. It contains the perfect amount of ingredients like Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin B12, and Rhodiola rosea together to provide the ultimate peak performance. 

Neuro Peak Brain Support Supplement contains ginkgo biloba, which contains powerful antioxidants that – when taken regularly – can support healthy levels of serotonin and can support healthy brain function. It also contains phosphatidylserine and Bacopa monnieri which may support healthy cognition and memory, and may also support a healthy response to occasional stress. Plus, it contains rhodiola rosea to support your productivity, focus, and clarity.

5. Mind Lab Pro 

Mind Lab Pro contains 11 evidence-backed, multi-tasking nootropics that are combined to target six pathways of mental performance, namely brain chemicals, brain energy, brain regeneration, brain waves, brain circulation, and brain regeneration. Mind Lab Pro is formulated as a Universal Nootropic with diverse, far-ranging support of both short-term cognitive function and long-term brain health. 

Mind Lab Pro functions as a whole-brain optimizer to support a state of peak overall mental performance. It supports both immediate nootropic performance needs and long-term brain function and health. All 11 ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are safe and well-tolerated. Furthermore, it comes with a clean label – no preservatives, no artificial colors, no gluten, no caffeine, no GMO, and no additives. Even the capsules are clean, premium vegan plantcaps.

Tips on Selecting the Best Vitamins for Your Brain Health

With numerous vitamins and supplements for brain health out in the market today, how do you choose the best one for you? Below, we outline some tips on selecting the best vitamins for your brain health. 

  • Read the label. Always read the label. Do not purchase products with artificial ingredients such as artificial coloring preservatives or other ingredients that could be harmful. 
  • Watch out for key nutrients. When choosing vitamins for the brain, make sure to keep an eye out for key nutrients. Some common ones to look for include Acetyl-L-carnitine, Creatine, DHA, Ginkgo Biloba, and B Vitamins
  • Choose your preferred delivery method. Capsules, tablets, liquids, powders, gummies – there are many different forms of vitamins on the market and in this case, variety is a good thing. If, for example, you find it hard to swallow tablets, you may be less likely to take your vitamins daily. So, be sure to choose your preferred delivery method. 
  • Check the label for gender and age. Vitamins aren’t created equal! So, be sure to choose the best supplements formulated for your age and gender. 

The Bottom Line

Preventing cognitive decline and supporting your brain health is important at any age. Evidence shows that certain nutrients and brain function are closely related; conversely, being deficient in certain nutrients may result in reduced cognitive function and brain health. 

Ensure you’re meeting your nutritional requirements through a nutritious diet and consider taking vitamin supplements as well. If you’re looking for the best vitamins for the brain in the Philippines, some of our recommendations include Focus Factor, Nature’s Kind VitalMind Brain Booster, Genius Consciousness Nootropic Brain Booster, Zhou Neuro Peak Brain Support Supplement, and Mind Lab Pro.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All information contained on this web site is for general information purposes only.



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