ImmunPro vs Immunomax: Discover the Big Difference


What’s the difference between ImmunPro vs Immunomax?

Which one should I take?

Discover the answers to your questions and more!

About ImmunPro

ImmunPro vs Immunomax
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Do you know why it’s important to choose your supplement wisely?

Along with regular exercise and a proper diet, Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc (ImmunPro) is prescribed by doctors in helping strengthen your immune system.

ImmunPro contains a powerful formula of vitamin C and zinc that may help strengthen your immune system to better protect your body against diseases.

About Immunomax Forte

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Did you know?

An imbalanced immune system can lead to health conditions like asthma, allergic rhinitis, and upper respiratory tract infections.

That’s why it’s important to keep the immune system balanced with the help of an immunomodulator like Immunomax Forte.

ImmunoMax Forte is not a medicine; however, it can help prevent a variety of diseases.

It can also shorten recovery time when taken with prescribed medicine.

ImmunoMax is made with pure CM-glucan, a natural immunomodulator.

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