Fern C Vitamins: Importance of Vitamin C, Benefits, and Reviews

fern c vitamins

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Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning your body cannot produce it. Yet, it has many important roles and has been associated with many health benefits.

It’s water-soluble and is found in many fruits and vegetables, including oranges, kale, strawberries, bell peppers, and spinach. However, while it’s commonly advised to get your Vitamin C intake from foods, it may not always be enough.

This is where a supplement like Fern C Vitamins can help.

In this article, we discuss the importance of Vitamin C.

We will also talk about Fern C Vitamins, including their benefits, dosage instructions, reviews, and more.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid and ascorbate, is a water-soluble nutrient found in some foods and sold as a dietary supplement like Fern C Vitamins.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of tissue and the enzymatic production of neurotransmitters. It is also necessary for the functioning of several enzymes and is important for immune system function. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

The body also needs Vitamin C to make collagen, a protein vital in wound healing. In addition, Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron from plant-based foods and helps the immune system work properly to protect the body from illness and disease.

Vitamin C Deficiency

In developed countries, Vitamin C deficiency can occur as a result of general undernutrition, but severe deficiency – causing scurvy – is uncommon.

When Vitamin C is deficient, the formation of intercellular cement substances in bones, dentin, and connective tissues is defective. This results in weakened capillaries with subsequent hemorrhage and defects in bone and related structures. Bone tissue formation becomes impaired, which, in children can cause poor bone growth and bone lesions. Fibrous tissue forms between the epiphysis and diaphysis, and costochondral junctions enlarge. Densely calcified fragments of cartilage are embedded in the fibrous tissue. Subperiosteal hemorrhages, often due to small fractures, may occur in both children and adults.

In adults, symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency develop after weeks to months of Vitamin C depletion. Weakness, weight loss, and vague myalgias and arthralgias may develop early.

Symptoms of scurvy develop after a few months of deficiency. Coiled hair, perifollicular hemorrhages, and follicular hyperkeratosis may develop. Gums may become spongy, purple, and swollen – they bleed easily in cases of severe deficiency. Eventually, teeth become loose and avulsed. Secondary infections may also develop. Wounds heal poorly, and spontaneous hemorrhages may occur.

In infants, symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency include anorexia, pain during movement, slowed growth, and irritability. In infants and children, bone growth is impaired, anemia, and bleeding may occur.

How Much Vitamin C Do You Need?

In healthy people, the amount of Vitamin C needed per day depends on one’s age. The table below shows the general recommendations for Vitamin C intake.
(source: https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/content.aspx?contenttypeid=19&contentid=VitaminC)

GroupRecommended Daily Allowance (RDA)Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (ULs)
Infants (0–6 months)40 mgn/a (infants should only take vitamin C in foods)
Infants (7–12 months)50 mgn/a (infants should only take vitamin C in foods)
Children (1–3 years)15 mg400 mg
Children (4–8 years)25 mg650 mg
Children (9–13 years)45 mg1,200 mg
Males (14–18 years)75 mg1,800 mg
Females (14–18 years)65 mg1,800 mg
Males (19 years and older)90 mg2,000 mg
Females (19 years and older)75 mg2,000 mg
Pregnancy (14–18 years)80 mg1,800 mg
Pregnancy (19 years and older)85 mg2,000 mg
Breastfeeding (14–18  years)115 mg1,800 mg
Breastfeeding (19 years and older)120 mg2,000 mg

To ensure that you are getting enough Vitamin C, make sure to talk to your doctor about your individual needs.

Fern C Vitamins: What are Fern C Vitamins?

Fern C is sodium ascorbate, a form of Vitamin C, which is more readily absorbed by the body.

Fern C offers all of the benefits of Vitamin C without the stomach discomforts usually associated with traditional ascorbic acid. It contains sodium ascorbate produced by DSM of Switzerland, the second-largest producer of vitamin raw materials. In the Philippines, Fern C is the only Vitamin C that carries Quali-C®. Quali-C® guarantees you and your family are getting on the safest, world-class quality sodium ascorbate.

Fern C Vitamins Benefits

According to experts, Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients. It may not be the cure for the common cold, but the benefits of Vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, prenatal health problems, cardiovascular disease, and even skin wrinkling.

Below, we list down 4 scientifically proven benefits of taking a Vitamin C supplement like Fern C Vitamins.

  1. It may lower your risk of heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death across the globe. Several factors increase the risk of heart disease, including low levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, high ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure. Vitamin C may help reduce these risk factors, which in turn, may reduce your risk of heart disease. For instance, an analysis of 9 studies with 293,172 participants found that after 10 years, people who took at least 700 mg of Vitamin C daily had a 25% lower risk of heart disease than those who did not take a Vitamin C supplement[2]. Another analysis of 15 studies also found that consuming Vitamin C from foods (not supplements) was also linked to a lower risk of heart disease.
  • It may help manage high blood pressure levels. High blood pressure levels put you at risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death worldwide. Studies have shown that Vitamin C may help lower blood pressure in both those with and without high blood pressure. An analysis of 29 studies found that taking a Vitamin C supplement, on average, reduced systolic blood pressure (upper value) by 3.8 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure (lower value) by 1.5 mmHg, in healthy adults. In healthy adults with high blood pressure levels, Vitamin C supplements were shown to, on average, reduce systolic blood pressure by 4.9 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 1.7 mmHg[1].
  • It helps boost immunity. One of the main reasons people take Vitamin C supplements is to boost their immune system. Vitamin C is involved in many aspects of the immune system. First, Vitamin C helps encourage the production of white blood cells known as phagocytes and lymphocytes, which help protect the body against infection[3]. Vitamin C helps these white blood cells function more effectively while protecting them from free radical damage. Vitamin C is also a vital part of the skin’s defense system – it’s actively transported to the skin, where it can act as an antioxidant and help strengthen the skin’s barriers[4]. Studies also reveal that taking Vitamin C may shorten wound healing time[5].
  • It may help protect your memory as you age. Dementia affects over 50 million people worldwide[6] and typically occurs among older adults. Studies suggest that inflammation and oxidative stress near the brain, spine, and nerves can increase the risk of dementia[7]. Low levels of Vitamin C have been linked to an impaired ability to remember and think[8]. High Vitamin C intake from food or supplements has been shown to have a protective effect on thinking and memory as a person ages[9, 10].

How to Take Fern C Vitamins

Take this vitamin by mouth with or without food, typically 1 to 2 times daily. Follow all instructions on the product package, or as directed by your doctor.

To get the most benefit from Fern C Vitamins, make sure to take this supplement regularly. To help you remember, take it at the same time each day. If your doctor has recommended that you observe a special diet, it is very important to follow the diet they set to get the most benefit from Fern C Vitamins and to prevent serious side effects. Do not take other vitamins unless ordered by your doctor.

Fern C Reviews

Discover what people are saying about Fern C Vitamins [11].

Our Daily Dose of Vitamin C! Very effective, especially when I have a Cough and Cold. I took it 3xaday!”

Sherly Shey Taupa

“I’m using this for 12yrs up to now.  very effective to protect me against colds and coughs. Most trusted and advisable for acidic people. Thank you Fern C.”

Lanz Rodriguez Zednanreh

“I’ve been taking Fern-C for almost 16 yrs. Its capsule contains 568.18mg and we need to consume 2000mg of vitamin c every day. I take 5 caps every day, diluted in a glass of water. It’s non-acidic, it’s stomach-friendly and you can take it even on an empty stomach. It’s easily absorbed by the body, an immune booster, and energizer at the same time.”

Cristina Chiu Santos Red 

“I was been a user of this for more than 7yrs and it really helps me boost my immune system…. if I feel like I am getting the flu I would immediately take this 2x a day and it really stops it from becoming worse… try this and you won’t regret it…”

Dalisay Sebastian-Sevillo

Where To Buy Fern C Vitamins

fern c vitamins
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