Centrum: Is It the Right Multivitamin for Me?


Centrum’s products aim to support children and adults in getting the nutrients they need every day.

Many of the products include a range of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are claimed to be vital for a number of health benefits.

These include immune function, vitality, bone health, cardiovascular health, mental performance, and general immunity. Centrum multivitamins are available in the form of tablets, gummies, and mints. Products like Centrum MultiGummies are also available in special flavors.

Centrum Multivitamins Philippines

Centrum Multivitamins Benefits and Range of Products

From promoting healthy growth and development in young children to promoting vitality in people over the age of 50, Centrum offers a wide array of products said to support the dietary needs of people of all ages.

Below, we list down different Centrum products as well as the health benefits they claim to provide.

Centrum Advance provides adults with a multivitamin and mineral supplement said to be filled with essential minerals and vitamins. Centrum Advance claims is stated to help boost your daily vitamin intake and provide a broad range of health benefits.

Centrum Advance is ideal for active women and men under the age of 50, with the product containing potent antioxidants to promote healthy immune function. It also contains Vitamins A, C, and biotin to help ensure healthy eyes and skin. This multivitamin also includes B Vitamins which support energy production. Centrum Advance is also said to support heart function and promote healthy bones.

  • Centrum Advance 50+

For people aged 50 years old and above, Centrum Advance 50+ offers the nutrients required to support your changing nutritional needs. This multivitamin is ideal for people with active and busy lifestyles, as well as for people who want a nutrient boost to fill any nutritional gaps. This multivitamin also contains Vitamin A and lutein to support eye health, as well as folic acid, Vitamin B6, and lycopene to maintain healthy heart function. It also includes Vitamin D, copper, magnesium, calcium, and zinc to promote healthy bones.

Centrum Advance 50+ also contains higher levels of certain vitamins and minerals to suit the specific needs that come along with turning 50. This includes additional levels of B Vitamins to maintain energy production, as well as antioxidants like Vitamin E to promote general immunity.

  • Centrum Kids Incremin Iron Mixture

The Centrum Kids Incremin Iron Mixture is a sugar-free supplement for kids who aren’t getting their daily dietary intake of iron, lysine, and Vitamins B1, B6, and B12.

This multivitamin is said to be especially useful for picky eaters, children recovering from illness, and children with poor appetites. Iron is essential for distributing oxygen around the body, while lysine creates new tissues. Lysine and B Vitamins are said to promote healthy development and growth in children. B Vitamins are also essential for transforming food to energy and regulating metabolism.

Centrum Kids Strawberry. To help children get the daily intake of minerals and vitamins they need, Centrum Kids Strawberry offers a chewable tablet that can fill certain nutritional gaps, as well as promote normal development and growth. This multivitamin also includes 18 vitamins, such as Vitamin A (for healthy eyes) and Vitamin C (for healthy teeth and gums). For everyday wellbeing, Centrum Kids Strawberry features Vitamins A, C, and E.

  • Centrum for Women

Centrum for Women targets women’s specific needs, featuring more vitamin D and calcium in the Centrum Advance and Centrum Advance 50+ products to help maintain healthy bones. It also contains additional levels of biotin, as well as Vitamins A and C to help promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. This multivitamin also features nutrients like selenium, zinc, and beta-carotene to support daily health.

Centrum for Women 50+.Centrum for Women 50+ is formulated to address issues specific to women aged 50 years old and above. It features a range of vitamins and minerals started to especially support immunity, mental performance, bone health, and post-menopausal health. For mental performance, Centrum for Women 50+ contains iron, zinc, and Vitamin B5. It also contains vitamin C, which promotes healthy immunity.

To suit the needs of women in this age group, Centrum for Women 50+ also contains higher levels of iron, calcium, and vitamin D than Centrum Advance 50+ in order to support post-menopausal health. There are also additional levels of Vitamin C and zinc.

  • Centrum for Men

Centrum for Men is formulated specifically for men’s needs. Unlike Centrum Advance and Centrum Advance 50+, Centrum for Men includes magnesium and Vitamin D to promote muscle health. It also contains vitamin B6, folic acid, and lycopene to support healthy heart function. This multivitamin also features antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as zinc, selenium, and betacarotene to support general immunity.

Centrum for Men 50+. For men aged 50 years old and above, Centrum offers multivitamins to specifically support vitality, eye health, heart health, and mental performance. Centrum for Men 50+ also includes higher levels of some B Vitamins which is said to support vitality, as well as lutein to promote eye health. This multivitamin also includes more zinc to support healthy immunity and enhanced mental performance.

  • Centrum Specialist Energy Plus

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This multivitamin features ginseng to support mental performance and energy production. It also contains zinc to help promote an active mind, as well as B vitamins to help sustain energy throughout the day. Centrum Specialist Energy Plus can also be used to help you meet your daily nutritional needs.

How Much is Price of Centrum Multivitamins?

Centrum multivitamin’s price can vary depending on the type you get. Prices can also vary from one store or pharmacy to another.

Talk to your local pharmacy to know how much a particular Centrum multivitamin costs.

How to Take Centrum Multivitamins?

Use Centrum Multivitamins exactly as instructed on the label, or as prescribed by your doctor. Do not use in smaller or larger amounts, or for longer than recommended.

Is Centrum the Right Multivitamin for Me?

Centrum offers a broad range of multivitamins, including Centrum for Women, Centrum for Men, Centrum for Kids, and Centrum Advance 50+ just to name a few. Centrum multivitamins are claimed to fill any nutritional gaps in your diet.

Centrum for Men and Centrum for Women are also said to be specially formulated to target specific issues affecting men and women. For people over 50 years old, similar products like Centrum for Men 50+ and Centrum for Women 50+ are also available. Centrum Kids Incremin Iron Mixture and Centrum Kids Strawberry are also available to help children who may not be able to meet their daily nutritional intake due to illness or fussy appetites.

The Takeaway

From promoting healthy growth and development in young children to promoting vitality in people over the age of 50, Centrum offers a wide array of products said to support the dietary needs of people of all ages.

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