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If you’re wondering whether or not you actually need to take a daily multivitamin like Usana Multivitamins, the main thing to know is this: No matter how healthy you eat or what kind of diet you follow, it can be hard for your body to get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need from food, all the time. Every diet can have gaps – whether you’re on a keto, paleo, or vegan diet, or if you eat everything. And there are also other factors outside your diet that can play a role, like your age, genetic variations, and current life stage.

This is where multivitamins come in.

Think of it this way: Taking a multivitamin like Usana Multivitamins, is like a nutrition insurance plan. In the areas where your diet falls short, getting support from a high-quality multivitamin helps fill those nutritional gaps – no matter your age, current life stage, or dietary preferences.

Usana Multivitamins

Usana offers a broad range of nutritional supplements, from multivitamins for the whole family to targeted products designed to address individual health needs.

Below, we list some of the products included in the Usana range.

  • Essential Nutrition. The Usana CellSentials™ and HealthPak™ provide a strong foundation of vital nutrition to feed your cells, where true health begins.
  • Usana CellSentials. Usana CellSentials™ contains antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients that help your body function at its best.
  • HealthPak™. Usana HealthPak™ includes convenient morning and evening packs of the CellSentials plus MagneCal D™ for additional vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium. The pack also includes the exclusive CellSentials™ Booster to provide advanced nutrition to protect against the stress of the modern lifestyle.
  • Optimizers. Usana offers a range of Optimizers that delivers targeted nutrition to support your unique health needs.
  • Proflavanol® C100 / Proflavanol C200. Proflavanol® C100 / Proflavanol® C200 supports a healthy cardiovascular function with an antioxidant blend of grape-seed extract and Poly C®–USANA’s exclusive vitamin C blend. It also supports skin and immune health.
  • CoQuinone® 30 / CoQuinone 100. CoQuinone® 30 / CoQuinone 100 keeps your heart beating strong by supporting the production of cellular energy with alpha-lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10. It also supports the function of other organs and acts as an antioxidant.
  • Proglucamune®. With a unique blend of beta-glucans from mushrooms and baker’s yeast, plus zinc, Proglucamune® promotes daily wellness by supporting healthy immune responses, even during times of stress.
  • Booster C 600™. Booster C 600™ boosts your immune system with a blend of elderberry, zinc, Poly C, and echinacea.
  • Mother/Child. These Usana products are designed to meet the needs of all generations.
  • Prenatal CellSentials™. Prenatal CellSentials™ contains key minerals and vitamins you will need to support a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, including folic acid and iron.
  • Usanimals™. Usanimals™ are berry-flavored, chewable supplements for kids aged 2 to 12 years old that has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support a child’s growing body.
  • Body Rox™. Body Rox™ supports the increased nutritional needs of growing teenagers with a broad range of essential nutrients.
  • BiOmega™ Jr. BiOmega™ Jr supports healthy brains and growing bodies with a tropical-flavored gel that supplies vitamin D and omega-3s.

These are just some of the products under the Usana range. For a complete product list, visit

USANA Multivitamins and Minerals: Ingredients and Claims

Below, we list some of the ingredients used in the Usana Essentials Multivitamin. We also list down Usana multivitamins benefits.

  • Choline Bitartrate. Choline bitartrate is similar to B Vitamins. It is commonly found in foods like beans, spinach, eggs, nuts, and peas. It is also found in several health supplements and is said to improve athletic performance and boost mental clarity.
  1. Incelligence Complex. Incelligence Complex contains alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), resveratrol, hesperidin, and green tea extract. ALA is a compound that’s involved in energy metabolism – it reduces oxidation by increasing antioxidant enzymes. Resveratrol is a source of polyphenols – it’s commonly found in the skin of red grapes, but can be found in other berries and nuts too. This compound may have some anti-inflammatory effects. Green tea extract is high in polyphenol antioxidants. It is also high in caffeine and cathechins, which can help with weight loss.
  • CoEnzyme Q10. CoEnzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that our body produces naturally. The cells use it for growth and maintenance. With age, our natural CoEnzyme Q10 levels decline, which makes taking a multivitamin with this component beneficial.
  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. N-Acetyl L-Cysteine is a glutathione by-product that helps in minimizing the lipid peroxidation of the cellular membrane.
  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a biological antioxidant and natural cofactor of mitochondrial dehydrogenase complexes. As an antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid helps to increase the energy level of the body cells.

How to Take USANA Multivitamins

Adults are advised to take Usana Multivitamins twice a day, preferably with food. 

Usana Multivitamins Philippines

You can purchase Usana Multivitamins in some pharmacies, health stores, and online. You can also purchase them through their official website at

Usana Multivitamins Price. Prices can vary from one store to another. It also varies depending on the product that you purchase.

Usana Multivitamins Reviews

Below, we collected some Usana Multivitamins reviews from people who have tried the product[1, 2].

“Hi, there! I’ve been using USANA since 2014. My friend recommended it to me because I was looking for something that would help me with my anxiety problem. Since I started using USANA, my condition has improved. Until I’m still taking USANA supplements and keep recommending them to friends, especially with certain symptoms. It really helps!” – Hazel

“All this while I have been suffering from anemic. For 10 years + I’ve been trying many supplements from any company that offers me. All brand supplements offer me no improvement or falling sick again. I took Usana for only 6 mths!!! My recent 2017 health screening shows my blood count back to the ideal range. I didn’t fall sick instead it’s been 1 year plus now I had never fall sick like I used to be at work. I definitely support Usana for improving my health.” – Jocelyn

“If you are experiencing nausea and back pains, your body may not require as much vitamin as other people and you need to cut back. I have been taking Essentials, and have tried other vitamins which did nothing for me.

11 years ago, I was going through the change and was on Prozac to help with mood swings and depression. I was recommended for
Usana multivitamins. After 2 1/2 weeks on Usana, I went off Prozac entirely. I only take one of each of the Essentials in the morning along with Usana Vitamin D and am great for the day.

If I know I am going to be up late, I will take 2 more. But everyone is different. Taking only two a day makes them last over 2 months. It is worth it to me to know I am taking something which helps me for energy and stay mentally alert. My grown children have been taking them faithfully for 8 years plus also. As I said, everyone’s body reacts differently to vitamins or medication in general. Of course, one also needs to eat a balanced diet and exercise. Highly recommend Usana.” – Holly Carey

“I had horrible seasonal allergies. My entire life. When I say horrible, I really truly mean horrible aka: in bed like I’m dying, missing out on life and activities. Allergy pills do not work and I cannot bear to get allergy shots. I discovered usana years ago and started taking them religiously a couple of months before allergy season started and POOF seasonal allergies are gone. Not ONE sneeze etc. I have never ever had the luxury of being allergy-free. I highly recommend these quality vitamins especially if you suffer as I did.” – Jasmin

“Been taking Usana for 3yrs.. And recommend it to my family… It gives us extra energy all day.. My grandma who has diabetes and hypertension graduated from using her medications after 3mos of taking the essentials and coquinone… She had a stroke before and the other side of her face sagged. Now after 3yrs, she doesn’t get tired easily and her face returned to its normal state before she had a stroke. No more hospitalization for 3yrs now. Lots of my friends are also taking them and they love it.” – Vienna

“One of the best supplements..Been using this for almost two years .. Highly recommended.” – Ge Mark Vince

“Usana is the Best nutritional cellular supplement around the globe.” Lynne Bebe

“We started taking the Usana supplement, in 2014. And when someone shared their health improvement and their lifestyle. We found Usana is the best highest quality product and potency guarantee, and pharmaceuticals grade. We are very lucky that we are one of the healthiest people on earth because of science. Love life and live it to the fullest.” – Belen Mencias

Disclaimer: The information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All information contained on this website is for general information purposes only.

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